Insect stings on pets

Poor Toto was apparently stung by a hornet -according to the doctor. He has a huge, red, swollen lump that appeared suddenly on his “calf” -it wasn’t there in the morning, then by noon POP! Took him to the vet ASAP and the vet checked the area with a magnifier, no stinger was found, so he thinks it was not a bee but a hornet or wasp. There have been some big brown hornets getting into the house lately, and I guess somehow one managed to get Toto. As he cannot see well, the vet says, he is not wise enough to stay away from dangerous things. :frowning:

So far he has not had a serious allergic reaction, appetite is well as usual, and he’s got medication. But I am concerned as to how the heck this happened, and how to prevent it from happening again. Does anyone have any experience with pets getting stung?

Also, a friend told me that there is a kind of wasp that uses dogs as carriers, stings them and then out comes the larvae. :astonished: I hope this is not the case, but how do I know for sure? Been looking over the 'net, don’t know what I am looking for.

My dog got stung last year and he didn’t half yelp. He got stung on a hind leg and he had trouble walking for about 30 minutes so I had to carry him. After that he was OK. No reaction. No, or at least very little, inflammation. We were on a mountain track when it happened.
If you were in the house at the time, you would have heard your dog squeal - I’m sure of it.

There are wasps put there that usually target things like caterpillars. It is unusual as far as I know for these wasps - which don’t sting - to lay eggs in a mammalian host.