Inside Iraqi Corruption

A good overview of corruption inside the new Iraqui government and how some "Old Regieme " players have continued their antics.

[quote]Charles R. Smith, Tuesday, March 29, 2005

"John A. Shaw is a curious example of Washington politics gone mad. Shaw is a veteran government employee who served inside the White House under Presidents Ford, Nixon and Reagan and was an associate deputy secretary in the Department of Commerce.

In 2001, Shaw was appointed by Bush Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld to head the newly formed Office of International Technology Security. In this post, Shaw began the difficult task of reforming government controls over the export of sensitive technology to foreign countries.

In 2003, Shaw began investigating allegations of missing money at the Iraqi Ministry of Communications. According to a Defense Department report, Iraqi, U.K. and U.S. officials abused reconstruction aid, moving millions of dollars into private accounts.

Worse still, many of Saddam’s former backers and foreign corporations accused of helping the dictator stay in power have now managed to win millions of dollars in contracts from the new Iraqi government."b[/b]
Inside Iraqui Corruption[/quote]

It was bound to happen.

Sometimes the corrupt ones are the only ones who know how to make things work. :frowning: