Inside scoop on dominionism (ala documentary "Jesus Camp")

I found this a fascinating read. Creepy, but fascinating.

Aside to jdsmith: thanks for turning me on to dailykos! :slight_smile:

I’m not going to refute someone’s personal account, but I have my doubts about how big a problem this is in the grand scheme of things. Yes some out there try to justify persecution of gays, blacks, jews, muslims, illegal immigrants, etc. with extreme religious views. However, I think for the most part these problems exist throughout society and aren’t unique to the ultra-religious.

redandy -
Too true.
Look how the ultra-leftists seek to vilify(sp?) Christians and those with a different political course then them… :idunno:

I don’t find it particularly worrying; it’s just a slightly bizarre quirk of American culture. However, after seeing “Jesus Camp” and then reading this, I do feel sorry for those kids.

Ironically, there’s a striking similarity between the kinds of ‘camps’ the writer describes and some sixties/seventies’ communes I’ve read about.

We all need a home away from home. :laughing:

Well the initial shock wore off about 20 minutes into the film.

Interesting things I recall:
85% or so of home schooled kids are evangelicals. (The whole evolution/creationism part of the film blew me away. However, the preacher at the near end said, “One side gives them, ‘You’re monkeys’ and we give them, ‘God made you and He loves you and has a plan for you.’”

Good marketing.

The revival camp was scary and I hope their whole thing isn’t soley based on guilt. making the kids cry and confess their sins was child abuse IMHO.

The woman preacher was liar when she said we don’t mix religion with government, when 10 minutes before we saw a fullsized cutout of George Bush that the kids were praying for/to.

I can’t help but believe Bush looks at this and goes, “Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez! Just send money and shut up.”

This reminds me of 1989 when I drove to South Carolina to see some Dead shows with my GF. We stopped at her sister’s place. Her husband, Bubba (I shit you not) looked at my Dead stickers on the car and said,“That’s Pagan, man. You’ll go to hell for that.” Then we went off an bought some hubcap cleaner for his truck. Afterwards we went home, drank beer and smoked pot.

It’s a good movie.