Inside Taiwan's Love Motels

News you can use, or not. Basically two options cheap or not cheap.

My first experience of Taiwan was staying at one of these love motels, because that’s where Shane English School put up their new teachers for their first few nights. I wonder if they still do that?


Back in the day, I stayed in a few motels (sometimes for nefarious purposes, sometimes not) and they were invariably clean and good value, around the NT$1200-1800 mark. Apart from the weird gynecology chair in the corner, the rooms were much better than you’d get in a run-of-the-mill business hotel. So I’d say there’s plenty in the middle ground. Mind you, this is going back a few years, so maybe things have polarised lately.


I’ve had positive experiences with them if you don’t cheap out. More room and some even comes with a pool for the got Taiwan summers.


I stayed a few times at a “love hotel” near my apartment when my electricity went off. I could not solve the problem late at night and wanted electricity and hot water. The hotel was just around the corner from my apartment.
Well, the hotel receptionist would always ask how many hours I wanted to stay…and was not too happy I wanted to stay till morning. The price was okay and room was nice. The many mirrors and “romantic” style was a little wasted on me.

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Duh. What on earth did she think you were going to do for 3 hours all by yourself?

I’m pretty sure it’s only the low-end ones that thrive on throughput. After all they have to clean the place every time there’s a new customer. Unless they, well, don’t …


Taichung has some crazy nice rooms with pools and old school Chinese architecture. We used to have small dj sets in them.


Yeah, it’s also really cheap in Taichung. It is a good set up to have a small party.

I’ve had nothing but positive experience with them, too, although I’ve not been in one since 2004 or so (outside Hualien that is). Super clean.

Some love motels just inland of Hualien even have hot spring baths en suite, although it’s a little pricey. Nice around CNY, tho. Wife’s parents’ bathtub is approximately the size of a Starbucks venti cup. (They’re tiny, so no big deal.) I can very nearly submerge my entire leg. Pretty nice to get out and into a love motel with a hot spring bath.


For the price they certainly do far out preform regular hotels on every level.

Until you end up on a VCD… Otherwise i choose them most times if in a city.

My family stays in a love motel every time I join the Tainan Old Capital Marathon. It’s the cheapest option near the start line. It’s fine. Just have to be careful with the channels on the TV.

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You mean the ones in the 13 to 15 range?

Really? 3 hours is just foreplay for me. :yum:

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休息 of course :o
Actually in uni I would have loved a place to take a nap when I had a long break

First Taiwanese phrase I ever learnt was “kee QK”.

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QK cards are great. Can save a ton. Lucky you, took me years to learn that one.

I always fou d the AV channs were 15 to 20. Which really annoyed before as often they would replace national geographic and discovery. Now i dont mind, as porn somehow seems more education and meaningful than either of those’ current directions.

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Busted! (Not Taiwan, but could be).




In your car if you lived off campus?