I have been suffering from bad sleep for 15 years. At times I have stopped looking for a cure, but alas, sleep is needed. I have tried everything - doctors, hoemeopaths, acupuncture, sleeping pills, anti-depressants, meditation, changed diets, quit smoking, drank more, drank less…
Last week I went to a ‘doctor’ at Tai-Da who prescribed Seroxat. I suffered 2 days of depression, listlessness, loss of concentration, even less sleep, strange behavior, inability to get an erection (althoug some might say they never noticed) and memory loss. Oh, and one night my tv and cd-player became fluffy and rather unusual…
This is after I told the doctor not to give me habit-forming drugs or anti-depressants, as I do not suffer from depro. When looking this drug up on the net, I discovered horror stories about addictions, suicide and people sueing the manufacturers.
Basically I suffer from ANXIETY. In the past, mild anti-depressants, such as Surmontil and Trepiline, have been helpful. When taking these I get some sleep, although I still do not feel rested at all.
Is there anybody out there with a similar problem? Basically, I suspect I’m a much nicer person when I sleep well and do not stress about every day things other people do not stress about. Sleeping pills do not work. They knock me out for an hour or 2 only. Neither does St Johns. Or any funky oils. Or sex. Sigh…

You didn’t mention exercise.

Find a way to get your heart rate up enough so that it’s within 50% to 75% of its maximum. Keep it there for 10-12 minutes and you’ll break a healthy sweat. When that happens then your body will release endorphins when you stop. If you’re like most humans, then a daily endorphin wash - a “runner’s high” - will help keep your anxiety at bay.

The key is to find a way to fit your daily routine to regular exercise, no matter what.

Exercise accomplishes a whole host of positive outcomes for most people: elevated metabolic rate (in addition to the calories you’ll burn exercising, your body will “recalibrate” its metabolism so that your resting metabolic rate is elevated), increase in muscle mass, lowered heart rate, better sleep, improved immunity, more. One important outcome for me is reduced stress; exercise functions as a kind of “reset” button for my brain, it seems.

I don’t suffer from anxiety-related disorders, but I do suffer a mild form of depression related to the amount of sunlight I’m exposed to (the less sunlight, the worse I feel - but this is controlled nicely by exercise). I don’t take any medication, and I never have. I try to get about 30 minutes of 75% in every day; this rate isn’t necessary but I find that I crave it now (as I have for the past ten years or so).

You can find your target heart rate here; if you are not presently fit then start slowly. If you’re any older than your mid-30s - and you’ve never been physically fit - then it’s probably a very good idea to consult a physician before you begin the exercise regime I’m describing here. No matter how old you are, consulting a physician first may be a good idea unless you’re pretty darn healthy now.

Good luck!

Have you taken a holiday recently?

If it’s work and your everyday routine which is causing the anxiety, going away for a week or two and leaving everything behind can help

I have just returned after a 4-week holiday. I excercise regularly. I go to the gym, run in Daan Park, or just do a work-out in my room. Generally, my lifestyle is very healthy…

Sometimes I must concede that insomnia is caused from heredity. But that doesnt mean it absolutely manifested among your relatives. The environmental inducers is pivital, and if you cannt find it out, the medication is always the last option. Just as you found, there will have many " unwanted effects" (I dont wanna say that as adverse effect). How anout watching TV all night while you feel exhausted then go sleeping. this probably works !! :laughing:

[quote=“flike”]You didn’t mention exercise.

Good luck![/quote]

Yes exercise.

Good and hard within the constraints of your state of health and current level of exercise. Its a triple fix.

  1. You feel good because you got out and did something.

  2. While its going on one should be zoning out mentally into the rythm of your chosen method and thinking about breathing. Drop your worry routine while exercising. At that time there is nothing else in your life.

  3. Do it right and you can drop into bed in a blissful state of controlled exhaustion.

It doesn’t! Been there done that for way too long to remember, and then your eyes get sssoooooo tired, too. :frowning: I do learn a lot about nature, cooking, interesting travel destinations, great moments in history and really bad movies, though :slight_smile:

So, judging by ET’s posts, maintaining a relatively healthy lifestyle with lots of exercise isn’t necessarily the answer. What is?

I also don’t want to use medication just to be able to sleep, but I really need to get more than 2 hours on average a night, with at least two nights a week with NO sleep at all … :help:

So, maybe a combination

  1. Exercise.
  2. Drugs.
  3. Booze.
  4. Too much sex

I just happen to know a scientist working on this field of study (sleep). Below is the one of his studies regarding it.

Kuo, T.B.J. , Lai, C.J., Shaw, F.-Z., Lai, C.-W. and Yang, C.C.H.* (2004) Sleep-related sympathovagal imbalance in SHR. American Journal of Physiology