Inspection/raid stories

David Wilson posted

Any other inspection/raid stories? Here are few:

This one school only showed one classroom of several to inspectors. They actually put in a fake wall to hide some of the rooms! The thing that doesn’t make sense is that they had several teacher’s desks and a large teacher prep room. Clearly, there were several teachers working there … as if they all taught in just the one room! If you’re just gonna pay someone off to pass inspection why bother hiding anything?

Another school sent some teachers to the students’ homes for lessons during announced raid times. Why? I don’t know. Maybe they didn’t have the license for the number of classrooms they were using. It’s likely that one or more of the classrooms became a “break room” or office of some sort. Later, they rented space at another site for classes.

Most of the ‘raids’ don’t have to do with the foreigner teachers at all. They’re for tax purposes. Schools (all of them) under report the number of students and classrooms they have for tax and/or licencing reasons. Of course it’s also a good idea for an illegal foreigner teacher to get out of there as well. My old school used to always get adavnced notice, so I’d be told to go the park or something. A lot of schools have a floor which is ‘not theirs’. I know one teacher who when the police showed up, they said ‘he’s a priest come over to teach the students some songs’. At my old school the set-up was that my last name wasn’t written on anything, and the Chinese teachers used English names too. We had a story that I was a friend of one of the teachers and I’d come over to give them some advice on their English program.