Installing a Washing Machine

My piles of dirty laundry are starting to move on their own, and god help me but I’m thinking of buying a washing machine. The only place I can put one where it can drain in my apartment is next to the kitchen sink. So here’s the question–can I take the drain hose from the bottom of the washing machine and run it upwards about a meter to drain in the kitchen sink? Will the washer still drain, or will this just cause a flood of biblical proportions?

I’m not betting on a flood but I don’t think your clothes wontl spin dry with the last of the water draining back into the washer. I would take a look under the sink and see where the sink discharge goes. If it’s high on the wall under the sink, you will still have a problem. Most likely there is a floor drain under the sink somewhere. Find that and visit the local harware store. Find a “Y” fitting that, once installed will accomodate your sink discharge and also allow you to pop the washer hose in when you need to use the washer. I might even go a little better and buy another apapter that would allow me to screw a plug into the washer dishcarge portion when it’s not in use. (critter and sink backwash control) You might even consider doing some cutting for the discharge hole through the side cabinet if the layout is right.

That is the answer. You will most likely find it is even easier than that and you can unclip the kickboard at the bottom of the sink cabinet and cut a bit out or just move it over a bit.

Flimsy temporary things are what Taiwan and houses are all about.

Thanks for the help, I’ll give it a try. I read online where washers in the US are supposed to be drained about 36" off the floor because they have reversing pumps; I guess washers here in paradise are different…