Installing Kazaa lite

I’m installing Klite for the first time. I just want to be careful not to install any adware or anything.

Can anyone tell me which of these optional installs I should or should not install?

AVI Preview
IP Blocker Updater
Send Sig2D at QuickLinks directly to Kazaa Lite K++
Enable IP blocker
Enable XP look

Any help appreciated.


Install all! They all have a purpose!

*none of those are spyware

Good. Install it.

Kinda handy to have.





Useful, ish.

Just a skin, Winamp styles. Entirely optional.

KazaSupernodes is very good to have! If you are not connected to a good supernode, you can use this tool to find a supernode that is near you and has a fast response time.

Thanks a lot guys.


Be careful with KaZupernodes or whatever it’s called. I used it a couple of times and it ended up shitting my entire install of KLite up.

Off topic like hell:

I installed kazaa lite and found it taking over my computer.

Now I go with shareazaa, which does the same work without filling up my computer with crap.

I never had that problem with Kazaa Lite - normal Kazaa yes, but not lite. But I don’t use that shit anymore now anyway.