Instances of Obvious Corruption

Although we all know it is rampant, it would be nice to start compiling a list of obvious instances.
Here is the first. After the Abian 31 Mil, fiasco, maybe things will get better. Doubtful, but if nobody says anything, it sure won’t change.

No 1
My mate and I usually sit at a tea house in Bancaio for a drink after work. On the way to the resteraunt one day we passed a local KTV. There was a counter out front and we were stopped by a couple of friendly Taiwanese men who offerred us sexual services at their KTV (btw, with women). It was “only” 13,000 Nt for 2 hours for the two of us with two girls. We simply chuckled and moved on across the street to our drinks. On the way across the street, I noticed a security cam pointed at the front entrance. “Interesting”, I says to myself. As we sat and sipped, about 10 cops on motorcycles arrive, followed by the big paddy wagon with lights flashing. The whole crew, probably 20 cops with flak jackets storm the place. We smile and wait for the aftermath but nobody comes out. About 1/2 hour later we note that there are many women arriving and parking illegally out front. Most are driving luxury cars and carrying bags. They enter and stay a short time. They exit and leave. We are still waiting for the outflux of defendants. None come out. The cops do though. They all exit, mount up and depart. Business resumes as normal.
The next morning, I bought my breakfast and went to the same resteraunt for a pot of tea with my breakfast. Lo and behold, a city truck arrives and they redirect the camera out front away from the KTV. Maybe a coincidence, but I think not.

I was walking near Fuchang MRT in Bancaio going toward KFC. Just past Farmers Coop Bank, I noticed a casino, replete with slots. Hell, I like to play a pokey as much as anybody. I stopped in to see if I could see any payouts. While I was inside by the door, some folks came in and when the door opened, 2 foot patrol officers walked by. They both looked at the action inside and kept walking.

Where I come from, there is a saying that if you want to find the dirt, follow the money.

Query: If somebody criminalizes prostitution and is found to have secreted vast sums abroad, would you be suspicious?

Chen didn’t “criminalize prostitution.” It was always criminal. He merely ended a traditional exception to it in Taipei.

Also, your first instance of corruption is incorrect. In Taiwan it is illegal to be a prostitute but legal to purchase one. Hence the johns were doing nothing wrong.


Not to be a stickler on the ROC laws in Taiwan. But there were licenses issued for prostitution in days of yore in Taiwan. Restricted to military bases and what not. However, when CSB came in power in Taipei he decided to go after licensed and unlicensed establishments. Which caused quite an uproar in the media.

I don’t know if regionalism came into play in CSB anti-prostitution campaign. Because back in the days many of girls that pursued this line in Taipei of work came from the rural southern region.

Quite sad in my opinion since I think these things can be prevent if a more educational opportunities were given to these girls back then. But Taiwan education system of up or out, or goto night class, or goto trade schools, or just accept the fact your life is going to suck, quickly dries up the options for these ladies.

Those are the ones that keep smoking and reading the paper while ‘business’ is conducted. I know you’re cheap AC, but geeze…

[quote] don’t know if regionalism came into play in CSB anti-prostitution campaign. Because back in the days many of girls that pursued this line in Taipei of work came from the rural southern region.

Errr…The one from the north go south, the ones from the south go north…to avoid running into familiars.

It used to be that the pol. were investors in many clubs. (which under martial law were completely illegal). This is less common now, but I’m sure still exists.

Maybe someone ‘forgot’ to pay their red pocket to the police. In the good ole days the Chung Shan pol. station had a mightly fine collection of cars infront.