Instant Noodles

So you’re kind of hungry, go to the convenience store and buy some. But they all look and taste the same. 100 varieties to choose from, and they’re all identical. Thay all taste crap. Are my taste buds jaded by all the years of smoking and drinking? Are there any brands that are truly exceptional?
My own feeling is that they are all all lousy and don’t even come close to the Pot Noodles ( that i remember back home. I’m pining for sweet & sour flavor. Sandman, you gotta miss your flavor enhancers E621 and E635 right?

In comparison to the instant noodles in Taiwan and Australia, I have to say Taiwan has several varieties of flavor to choose from and much better taste. So your taste buds may have problems. They are delicious but may have more preservatives, which are unhealthy for you.

Tong - E brand (President co.) has good beef flavour and better tasting noodles than most. Just dont put all the powder and oil in or it becomes much to spicy and salty.

My favorite kind of instant noodles in Taiwan are the Sesame Chicken
ones which have an older style of noodle. But don’t eat too many of
any of these as they just have too many preservatives.