Instrument store in Taichung?

Where can i find an instrument store in Taichung? I’m in the little europe are and i’m not too familiar with the streets yet…so perhaps landmarks and major roads would be helpful. Thanks.

Near McDonalds, close to the Taichung park, it’s been a while, I hope it’s still there.

Or you could come to Tachia (Da Jia), there are many music stores here and I am sure that they could find a left hander for you. Tachia is in Taichung county. Taichung - Tung Hai - Long Jing - Sha Lu - Ching shui - Da Jia. About 20 minutes by Freeway from Hsin Guang department store.

There’s a pretty big music store out Taizhong Gang Road, past Tung Hai University, at the very top of the hill, just before it starts going down. When you get to the top of the road, make a 180 degree turn, and the store is about the 4th or 5th from that interesection. I don’t know the name of the road, but it is literally the crest of the hill, and is about 1 km past Tung Hai’s main gates. I haven’t been inside, but it looks pretty big from the outside.

Taiwan doesn’t acknowledge that some people are left-handed, becuase then they would not be “normal.” I suspect it would be next to impossible to find a left-handed anything, especially a guitar, here.

Good luck though!