Insurance companies


I am thinking of buying insurance and I would like to know which companies are reputable/reliable. I know the big names out there but I don’t know how reliable their branches here in Taiwan are.

For example. in other areas of the market, so called multinational companies offer world-wide warrantee which, once you come to Taiwan, no longer applies (NOT because of Taiwan’s national status).

So, if anyone could point me to the right direction, I would be grateful. In particular, I am interested in pension schemes, life insurance and medical (I know about the NHS but I am looking for beter/wider coverage), and whether these policies are honored once I reside permanently outside Taiwan in the future. I know almost nothing on the subejct, so maybe some of my expectations are unrealistic, but it’s worth a try.

Many thanks

I can’t really help on that subject but you can also check with the banks. I know that HSBC proposes a lot of product including health and medical services. They have an English website that can be of help.