Insurance cost BMW 335i E90 2008 or 535i E60 2008

Hi everyone,
i am new by this forum, hope anyone would be able to reply me.
I am french, married with Taiwanese, we are also the lucky parents of a cute boy 1 year old. I arrived recently in TW with my family and i am looking to own a car soon but i would like to make sure about the insurance cost for one model especially.
Actually like i wrote by the subject, i would like to know the price per year to insure a BMW 3rd or 5th series, 3.0 liter turbo.
Also i would like to know if there is any trap i have to take care about the way a taiwanese insurance can cover us, full cover or i have to add some other one to make sure.
i precise also that i am completely legal here and own already my ARC.
Thanks for your comments and informations.

For a really nice car you will have to get additional private insurance. The required Taiwanese car insurance is really cheap but the coverage is really lacking. I don’t know how poor the coverage but I have been planning to supplement my insurance (both health and car/moto). There are two areas that you should upgrade/add. First - I think the coverage for other party’s personal injury is really low and I think it’s possible that an accident could far exceed what your insurance company covers. The second would be to have some sort of coverage for damages to your vehicle (does this exist even?). I don’t know who you would talk to or what kind of options there are but perhaps someone else does.

thanks for your help, i am going to check as well…^^

I know that car dealerships provide very good insurance, for example Nisan in Hsinchu provides excellent insurance for around 45kNTD per year, and if you never crash within the year you can bring the car for a full inspection and they will change any part that has issues using the insurance policy…
i would check at BMW dealership… or ask your wife to find private insurance agency, because the mandatory insurance covers next to nothing…