Insurance for Rented Scooter


I’m thinking of renting a bigger scooter to ride around the island, and was wondering if it’s possible to get insurance for it? I have a local licence, and as most scooters at hire places are registered I will automatically be covered by 3rd party insurance.

What I am looking for is some kind of insurance that would cover the cost of damage to the scooter in the case of an accident. If anyone knows of any kind of travel insurance or other service that offers this, then please let me know.

I’ll also ask at a few scooter hire places, but everyone I’ve spoken to so far just looks as if it’s a strange request (I’m in Tainan where it’s quite common for people not to bother with licences and registration/insurance).


Can’t help, sorry.

But in any case, is it likely to be worth it?

IF its true that you are already covered for 3rd party risks, (which is potentially the big ticket item that you probably couldn’t cover yourself), then buying insurance for your hired scooter is essentially betting against the house.

If you know you are a much worse than average rider, it might be a good bet, otherwise probably not.

Hmmm… :ponder: I should probably look into it myself.