Insurance Rates...?

How do you drivers deal with insurance for your car?

What are the rates like?

I was quoted nearly $50000 for one policy, and have no idea if that’s cheap, expensive or the going rate.



Standard coverage is the equivalent to third party or no-fault insurance; this covers any damage that you do to another vehicle in an accident where you are at fault, but does not cover any damage to your own vehicle. On a new car, this should run somewhere around 10k, depending on the year and make of the car you have. Full coverage, for damage to any vehicles where you are at fault, could easily run around 50k on a new car, depending on the value of your car. This might even go so far as to include premiums insuring against flooding and earthquakes. The question you need to ask yourself is how much coverage you really need. As with anything, shop around and get a few quotes. Try the big ones, like Fubon. They’re probably a pretty reliable indicator of what the price should be.