Insurance scam

Suppose an insurance agent sold a policy and then pocketed the premiums. When a claim is made on the poicy, who is going to end up paying out, the agent or the company?

What’s the usual outcome here when agents steal premiums like this? Does the company pay out anyway and recover the amount from the agent? Do you have to sue the agent for the amount or extract it by other means?

never hand in cash to your insurance agent. There are several ways to pay your premium.

have you got your official receipt? if not you have no position to sue.


Wow, my first post and I found something interesting.

I have, several times, missed payments because there wasn’t enough money in my bank account. My insurance agent then came to collect the funds in person.
After reading this I think I need to check that my insurance premiums are up to date. I am sure they are, but it really makes me think.

After a lot of meetings, a lot of rather obvious lying on the part of the agent, and some threats of legal action on our side, the insurance company (Bao Chen) reversed it’s decision and chose instead to pay out.
Take Sharon’s advise and always pay via your bank so you have proof of payment.

BTW, the insurance companies do check your medical history very thoroughly. 90% of the claims they reject are on the grounds of previous history, which they leverage the hell out of… Well, you had a boil on your foot in 1975, which our expert says predisposes you to cancer of the throat, which you now have… therefore we won’t pay. They win 70% of these cases in court, so don’t try to hide anything, not hospital visits in Taiwan anyway.
The insurance company had tried this trick in our claim, only to find the insured had only ever seen the inside of a hospital once before in his life, and that was to be born. Then they turned to the lack of a reciept of payment to deny the claim, but we caught the agent in a slip of the tongue over why he’d accepted a payment in September despite our policy being cancelled in July.
The funniest part was where we asked this fool who the insured was, and actually said (on tape) he’d never heard of that person before… his own client.

After we get through with the lawyers, I say we start on the insurance agents next :wink: