Does anyone know a straight-up insurance agent who speaks English and works for a reputable company ?

I just want the basics ie contents insurance for items in my apartment and medical insurance to address the shortcomings in NHI. Car insurance may be later once I find a car.


Further to my last posting, I have just found a good agent whose name is Patty. She works for Nan Shan Insurance, which is one of the largest insurance companies in Taiwan and is owned by AIG. She can arrange all kinds of insurance and the rates seem pretty reasonable compared with overseas.

If anyone else wants to contact her, her email address is:


My work permit will stop soon and I will stay in Taiwan for at least another month as a visitor (no ARC). This means I need to get my own insurance, covering accidents or other emergencies for health, including plain ol’ death.

I phoned Nanshan but they say they only offer long term insurances.

I also phoned a travel agency, but they could not help me out because this is not exactly travel.

So this is a short term insurance for just over a month only. My ARC will have expired and I will be here on a visitor visa. Which insurance company offers this?

Thanks in advance for any info…

Wow, was my post merged with another thread? That’s stupid… because this thread’s original question is about national health insurance, or in other words for those who live and work in Taiwan, while mine is an insurance for a temporary stay or ‘returners’ whose NHI has ended. But good.

Ok, so if your work visa and National Health Insurance has ended and you still want to stay in Taiwan for some time you’ll have to get an insurance for yourself.

I found this insurance with Shin Kong (shin kong renshou), it’s actually called “Shin Kong Travel Accident Insurance” or in chinese 新光人壽旅行平安保險.

Phone 02-23895858 or 0800-031-115 or web

i did no merging, but anyway, the OP was about all forms of insurance: house, contents, health, and car.

if you are only here for a short stay, or need an extra couple of months cover, your best bet is to go for a comprehensive travel insurance which includes your luggage (is personal effets) and health insurance. some of these are quite expensive, especially those that cover repatriation to a country of normal residence.
as your address is already Taiwan, you certainly don’t need to pay for that extra benefit, as they probably would not cover you for transport to your ‘home’ country (ie onward destination) as you have lived here for a while.

So you mean you really have an household insurance now?
Because this seems to be hard to find in Taiwan. My wife thinks the idea of such an insurance is strange to begin with…

I met this guy after I rented a new apartment and furnished with new furniture. I thought I wanted to buy some content insurance but didn’t know where to ask. As it happened, I ran into this guy at at Bravo Banciao during a playoff game. Good English. I have absolutely no idea of his credentials nor his compnay. I provide his name and number simply as a convenience. Check him out. Maybe good - maybe not.
His name is Moe
Number: 09 5279 9533

His name is Moe[/quote]

I don’t know why, but an insurance man named Moe strikes me as quite hilarious. Thanks for that! :bravo: