Does anyone know of an insurance company that offers comprehensive household insurance?
As an example, back home my policy would cover things like burst pipes.

With a burst pipe, I have now found out the existing policy does not.

The wife says this type of coverage is not available in Taiwan.
Not too sure about the accuracy of this.

Well, I have the same kind of questions… We are just finishing the renovation of our apartment and we now need some insurance… In Taiwan, the attitude towards “insurance” look very different from the west. Usually in the west, you have standard or above the standard house casualty insurance, car insurance… because it usually covers you pretty well IF something happens. And the amount you have to pay when THAT something happens is usually pretty high compared to the premium you have to pay annually. But here the mentality is more “no insurance unless it is mandatory”… and IF something happens, it is just “bad luck”… In Taiwan, people prefer not paying for something that might eventually not happen…

So no one here has any household insurance? I’ll investigate more and come back with some answers.