Intensive study in taipei

does anyone know of a school in taipei city that offers a week-long intensive mandarin study? im only in taipei from the 15th-22nd.

other than a school, any tutors availble? i’m very much a beginner, familiar with bopomofo, and want to jump-start my learning in a Chinese environment.

i’m also up for an exchange (i’m an adult ESL teacher with an NYC university and tutor at NYC language schools).


The only thing I can think of would be to register with TLI and then have a sudden “emergency” that prevents your finishing out the month. I don’t know of any schools that will give you a one-week intensive. If you register for a 1-on-1 maybe they might…but probably not as that teacher would then have 3 weeks with no income for that time slot. You would have to sacrifice the remaining tuition but you would be able to get your classes, most likely.