Interest in summer teaching

Hi all,
I am plannning to stay in Taiwan from late June till end of August. I was wondering if there are many opportunities to teach English short term (in the summer)? I heard that many English schools and institutions offer summer camps. However, would it be too late for me to find a job if I go to Taiwan in late June? Thanks for your help.

You won’t be too late to catch the school summer holidays, if that’s what you mean. I don’t know if the pay for summer work here is what it used to be though. Or whether there is as much work to go around as there used to be. Perhaps other posters can give you an idea.

Work that short term is difficult to get. However, I might have something for you. Please check your private messages for details.


Thank you for the info. Besides, what are some other websites I can search to find English teaching positions in Taiwan?

I haven’t heard of too many summer-only opportunities. My guess is that the folks with the money send their kids to an overseas camp. In Taiwan, summer camps are still pretty small, though it could be a growing market. Kids are still often in cram school much of summer. The chain schools offering summer programs generally just have their regular staff work more hours. Churches often offer English summer camps and welcome overseas help, but I doubt they pay. As to finding summer-only work in late June, it might be tough as there isn’t too much to begin with. However, if you just ask around at schools, you might find one that could use some extra help during the summer and will give you some classes. You could also advertise yourself to sub for teachers who want to take a vacation. I’m sure you can find some work during your stay if you really want.

BTW, are interested in teaching because you are interested in teaching EFL in the future, because you are interested in teaching in general, or perhaps as a way to make some money while in Taiwan anyway, as a way to spend time while in Taiwan? Are you interested specifically in summer camps or is classroom work alright? That might help us to give you more specific advice.