Interested in a beginner group Chinese class TLI weeknights?

As the title of the thread indicates, I am looking for people in Taipei who are interested in starting a beginner group Chinese class at the Taipei Language Institute in Tienmu, perhaps two or three nights per week. I contacted the school and right now they only have day classes, but they are willing to start an evening class if there is enough demand, which is a minimum of 5 people. Please reply or PM if you are interested! Thanks!

If you want to try a non-traditional route, since you want an evening class, I can match their price or beat it by a bit and do an Internet-based course for you. Any interest? Get 2 or 3 like-minded folks together and it’s all by Internet, so no need to go out.

I am interested in a upper-beginner/lower intermediate group class 3-5 nights a week and TLI might work.

Ironlady, what is your price for one person (maybe two) for Skype lessons?

I’ll PM you. This probably isn’t the place.