Interesting expressions

Yesterday I learned about the possible root for the expression, “to be on cloud nine.” Clouds are categorized according to shape, size, height etc, and are therefore numbered. Cloud Nine is the softest and fluffiest of them all. Hence, to be on cloud nine.

Followed by: Pedigree. Which comes from the French phrase “Pie du grue” or storks foot. When viewing a family tree, offspring are shown as decending from their parents using lines which look like storks feet. Also, the wrestling position the pedigree looks like a storks foot when viewed from above.

Interesting? Got any for Tom to learn?

The name Smithers is thought to have derived from the Celtic word “smiterin” which meant “blown to bits”. This explains the common expression “blown to smithereens”.

Ehhhh, Smmmitherssss???

“Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey” Comes from naval times when they would have brass statues of monkeys at ports to honour heroic monkeys. When it got really cold, the testicles on the statues would become brittle and break off.

(not really)

In French, the term “becosse” means toilet. Comes from “back house” back in the days when the toilet was not in the house.


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