Interesting Participant In Local Hill Climb Race Yesterday

Sorry for the blurry action shot, they kind of surprised me as I was waiting for folks who were much further back…I found it amusing he was holding the local guy’s wheel for the first part of the race…he clearly just didn’t want to be lonely for the hour and change it took him to ride 33km and climb 1500m. :slight_smile:

For those who don’t know who that is:


Middle of the season and he’s in Taiwan? Weird?

Which race was this?

The guy’s done nothing of great note on the bike for quite a while now. He’s only on Bahrain-Merida because Merida insisted on it. To take the podium in a local amateur race wearing the actual kit (not replica) of a World Tour team is pretty weird when you think his team is currently racing the TDF. By all means ride along for a training ride but I wouldn’t take the podium if I was him. It’s like Lionel Messi turning up to five-aside on a Friday night and scooping the MVP award.

These guys have quite varied schedules…and as @the_bear mentioned he’s not been getting any results. I don’t think they have been selecting him for anything much recently and only 8 can even go to the TDF. Anyway, I didn’t post it to poke fun at him. I thought it was cool, the participants thought it was cool, and everyone had a good time. Elite level riders of his ilk often show up to crit races in the US so I didn’t think it that strange. I think he was just having fun and “training”, he’s friends with the organizers and I believe they invited him. I think he’s obligated to wear the kit.

The event was put on by these guys:

It was well organized, some additional photos there. The route:

I would have thought he’d be wearing his Taiwan national champion (TT) kit. Maybe it was in the wash.

This season he DNFed both Romandie and Dauphine (stage 2 & 1 respectively) so he’s in terrible shape.

I would’ve thought that too.

I know he regularly participates in Wuling Cup that normally takes place in September of every year and he and blows away the competition. I was there last year as support for our team members and saw him fly by at on 6-7% grade and then the next guy showed up 10 minutes later.

Can only wear it for the discipline you win it in, if he won the road race then he’d wear that I suppose, but it wasn’t a time trial…mass start hill climb which I know hill climbs are traditionally done as a TT. I called it that because it was mostly uphill.

Interesting that I don’t think they’ve created one for him…at least I’ve never seen him in one.