Interesting subliminal messages

I thought I knew it all when it came to evil messages in music and subliminal stuff like that, being a fan of Iron Maiden and Slayer and stuff like that… but all that stuff is pretty blatant and straighforward and it’s obviously not meant to be taken seriously.

It’s far more scary when you hear messages of evil in something that masquerades as something innocent and wholesome, like a Christmas carol. Yeah, I didn’t believe it either, but I was pretty convincedafter given it a thorough and careful listen.

You’ll be shocked at what you hear. Listen to this subliminal message very carefully, if think you’re not afraid of all this occult stuff. You may be convinced otherwise. Hmm, dunno if this really belongs here, but whatever. Its best if you use headphones coz it’s really well hidden and hard to pick up.

That’s incredible! I never would have thought it would say that when played backwards. Kinda spooky! I had to turn the volume up to hear it, but it’s definitely there.

But why??? :astonished:

[quote=“Stray Dog”]

But why??? :astonished:[/quote]

I think it has something to do with the Illuminati…