Interesting videos of knowledge

I always believed Ichiro could hit for power. His BPs are legendary.

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I posted this above

Ok, changed it.

How to start a fire

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I put this here for a giggle…ohhh so harsh.

Saw many an ad for these little guys in the comics. Was often tempted but never went for it lol

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Been following this lady on youtube for a year or so now. Her channel is a super slow burn but once you latch on she’s just gold imo.

Ostensibly she vlogs about design, but over time she’s come to present pragmatic glimpses into global housing needs (with a welcome emphasis on American housing and agriculture regulation). All her videos are long-ish, but I have come to really enjoy them. Like I said, slow burn.

Here she interviews a landlord just north of San Francisco who imo accurately comes up with the biggest issue (outside healthcare) in American life today, productive vs “ROI” real estate. This landlord’s pov is super relevant imo.

Here’s an example of a retired Nebraskan post office employee who loved high school physics and has figured out how to design Great Plains greenhouses to grow sub- and tropical fruits during the winter, and for a profit. Fascinating.

Last fall she completed a trip through southern Europe from which she recently posted some terrific videos of Spaniards, Italians, and Greeks who are repurposing ancient, southern European structures that have been abandoned.

Terrific yt channel.

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Whoa, I’ve also been following her videos for a while myself. Fascinating stuff. This is one of my favorites:

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I love that video, super cool. The southwestern Adriatic shoreline is freaking gorgeous.

The interior of that house is amazing too. A lot of work, but well worth it. I also liked the Italian one a lot. It really makes you think about all the skills in working with stone that are gradually being lost.

A couple more I found really interesting:

And maybe the most extreme:

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One thing I love about her videos is how she incorporates her kids and her dogs into them, to show how things designed well can make kids go bonkers and can make dogs super happy to join the revolution. Really easy on the eyes,

In this episode Sam Harris speaks with Renée DiResta about Russia’s “Internet Research Agency” and its efforts to amplify conspiracy thinking and partisan conflict in the United States.