Internal delays

My work permit has been processing since December. The MOI told me that they are in the process of altering the regulations, and that no volunteer visas would be processed until they sent the gong wen with the new regulations out in a couple of weeks.

After weeks of waiting, the gong wen was finally sent to the MOI this week. So the process has began, but now my visa is about to expire. I already tried to get a second extension for the delay, but FA refused. They said the work permit from the MOI has to be submitted in order to get an extension.

So now I’m getting ready to go to HK. With all of the new changes, I wonder which new regulations are going to be applied to me?

If I have the letter of intent, my tax certificate, passport, photos, what else would I need?

It seems like it is getting more and more difficult to get a visitor visa to enter Taiwan. I wonder what the real visitors do? :loco:

Probably most stay less than a month and belong to nationalities entitled to stay 30 days on a visa-free entry.

I guess. My point is that for a country that wants visitors and wants foreign investors, they don’t exactly make it easy, do they?

My theory is that they are overly proud and think we are so desperate to stay here that we will jump through all the fucking hoops.