International credit card

Hi there,

Does anyone know of a particular supermarket where one can use an international credit card to pay? I went to a Pxmart but they unfortunately only take cards from specific banks, I assume taiwanese banks.

Any info would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Jason’s, DaRenFa(RtMart?) and some Wellcome shops take my card

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Quanlian(PXMart) Only takes PXMart branded credit cards.

Carrefour takes credit cards.


Carrefour, Jasons, Ikea.

Anywhere except PXMart!

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Thank you all.

PXMart started accepting other local cards until recently. They used to only take 1 specific bank… crap local supermarket!

RT Mart too

P.S. Tip: always pay TWD. Don’t let the POS (in both senses of the acronym) overcharge you on the currency exchange rates.

Thanks guys. I have another related question. Where can I use my CREDIT card to withdraw cash? I know my bank allows cash withdrawals using this credit card overseas and I called them to allow this function but I tried at Family Mart and 7-11 without any luck. Does anybody know where? It’s a visa card.

I don’t remember where but I think I once tried using withdrawing with this credit card but not through the ATM but at a banks’ counter. If nobody knows of a specific ATM, does anybody know of a bank where I could go to the counter and request to withdraw cash using an overseas visa credit card? Thank you for your help!

Try Cathay United Bank (國泰世華商業銀行).

Many credit cards charge interest from the moment you take out cash, and give you a nasty currency exchange rate and on top of that put on a ATM fee. So be careful.

Yeah, so I’ve heard. A friend recommended the ATM at the Post Office and warned me of a 10% fee on top of the 100 NTD that the ATM charges. That’s crazy.

I’ve used my card at IKEA so I know it works here, but I have yet to use it at other establishments. It seems that the more international the establishment the easier it would be.

So, would you then recommend to just use it at Jason’s, DaRenFa and/or Wellcome every time I buy things? It seems as if this way I would save on exchange and transaction fees and whatnot.

How do you pronouce PXMart in Mandarin? Mostly the X part, same as in English?

Apologies for the off-topic, fleeting curiosity

全聯 Quánlián

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It really depends on what deal you have with your bank. Just make sure before you use it. Have a look at services like N23, Revolut it might be able to save you some money. I use Revolut alot but also use amex on some more expensive purchases because airline miles.

Whatever you do don’t let your bank get your money.

I was advised on this Forum to open a Starling Bank account, for UK only and need a UK address you can use.
NO charges can you beleive it!!!
Do some searching and maybe able to Find US bank and other Euro banks same deal.

I love it best bank ever had.

I tried Revolut but would’t post first card to Taiwan, plus was a Covid 19 block on post at the time also.

I use Welcome mostly as they take apple Pay, however I notice more and more are open to it now.

Hope you’re not in trouble, OP.

If you lost your debit card, you can get one rush delivered to you if it has a visa or Mastercard logo.

Is that a monzo card?

Would have saved me about 150 quid in commission etc if i had one of them when i was out there

Not Monzo, a we are cool bank that doesn’t rip you off, their slogan.
I had to have card posted to me by family member but was able to set up Apple Pay until I received it.
Save’s me about 45 quid a month!
Great gives imediate spending in £’ss on phone and conversion rates are on the button time wise. (very poor at moment) :unamused:

Also get a curve card, very practical.