International dialing rates using the stanard plus(+) prefix

So if I saved all of my contacts in my cell phone following the standard dialing format, i.e. +12135551234, and made calls that way, are the costs calculated based on the standard 002 dialing rates or the 009?

It’d be calculated at your mobile networks international rates.

Skype (or other internet-based phone systems) is really the best way to save on international call costs…

I also use skype whenever I can for international calls

And according to the telegraph, I am not the only one! … rvice.html

I had no idea that would be that much.

Skype also launched monthly subscriptions. Anyone using those? Seems interesting.

Your carrier will use the most expensive way possible. Some phones (like the Sony Ericsson) have an “edit number before call” option so you can change the “+” to “009” or whatever just for that one call.