International energy-saving campaign. Lights out anyone?

Looks like it went over very well in Kaohsiung according to this pic from the Taipei Times! How about in other cities?

Buildings along the Love River in Kaohsiung turn off unnecessary lights for one hour yesterday evening as part of an international energy-saving campaign.

I know other cities also held Lights Out Day Events.
I had a post related to those events. Here is the post and the Lights Out Day link is here. :slight_smile:

I missed your post Kate. Any pics of Taipei during that night?

Well you should see what the Love river looks like on a normal night as compared to the above pic!

Sorry, I don’t have pictures of the Lights Out Day events. I stayed in the dark and worked in front of my computer at that night.
The organizer holds a photography contest, they will present the pictures taken on Lights Out Day on the website soon. It will be amazing to see them. :slight_smile:

Big deal. If the lights were truly unnecessary, they shouldn’t have been on in the first place. I’d be impressed if they turned off all the lights, unnecessary or not.

:laughing: You guys are missing the sarcasm here.
The picture looks no different than on any normal night.
So either they DIDN’T turn off the lights, or, it’s just more half-assed reporting.

Lot’s of lights around that are just for decoration, advertisment etc. and as such could be considered unnecessary (somewhat depending on your point of view). But they are there.

Taxi drivers used to tell me that they kept their lights off at night to save electricity. The lights on their cars that is. I wondered where they saved their electricity and if they sold it on in used carrier bags or something.

I think they might have been kidding you. Chinese have a sense of humor too, you know?

I think they might have been kidding you. Chinese have a sense of humor too, you know?[/quote]

Could be true.
I remember some years back riding with my scooter light on during the day would always get people giving this hand signal (Opening and closing fingers) to let you know your light was on(at first I thought they were waving at me). It was also a good way to get stopped by traffic police who would tell you to turn it off.

I asked many students why and they said, “You are wasting electricity”.