International House -- I'm so tired!

:x I’m writting this small note because I need to vent. I’m presently staying at the International House in Hsien-Tien and I haven’t been able to sleep since moving-in. For some strange reason people there take pleasure in slamming their doors at all hours of the day and night. At first I tought it was just one person, but then I noticed that many people were doing it! What’s up with this? I know the solution is just an appartment away, but unfortunately I’ve already paid for the month. People don’t seem to give a sh*t about the fact that others are trying to sleep at 2:30 in the morning. Maybe I’ll just have to find some good earplugs or go on murderous rampage. I’m done whinning now. :?

Can’t you file a complaint to the management of the International House? To keep quiet at 2:30 AM seems a common rule that any hotstel owner would like to establish. NO?

I guess I could, but no one else seems to mind. It’s not just one person, but several. I think they’re all trying to get back at each other! It’s really irratating whatever the reason.

When I was at Beijing Shida I used to get really annoyed by all the door slamming. It was Japanese students doing it all the time. I assume it is because Japan traditionally uses sliding doors and therefore lacks hinged door etiquette. I suggest you just describe the problem to them in a polite and patient manner and give them a demonstration of how to close a hinged door quietly.

p.s. It’s the Japanese who always drag their feet as they walk, too.

Get a fan, set it away from you and turn it up high. You will quickly get used to the noise and it helps to cover noise outside.

Another solution to this annoying problem. Stick a note on every door in that International House, asking everybody to close the door quietly, especially during night time. Tell them to have empathy to others. Oh, it’d better be typed, looks just like request from the management.

This may helps if it just doesn’t occur to those guests who slam doors that it really bothers people who go to bed early. If they still don’t care, then an eye for an eye… :smiling_imp: Slam the door while you wake up in the early morning…

The only way to live in a hostel is to get so pished every night nothing can keep you awake.