International schools

I just realized something; i’ve been looking at Thailand for a while, and decided that until I have a teaching cert. from US the jobs are just too terrible. Over there, the international schools pay three times as much as their private and public counterparts. I just assumed the situation was similar throughout the world. I haven’t seen one word about international schools in this forum, however. Does a similar situation exist in Taiwan?

Teaching in International Schools is a completely different thing from teaching English at bushibans, etc. The jobs are much harder to come by. You need to have teacher certification from an English speaking country and usually a couple of years experience teaching in your certification area. In order to break into the market you usually have to attend a meat market job fair with either ISS, Search Associates, or UNI Iowa (the best known ones - there are others).

Here are some links that might be helpful. Until you have teacher certification, they won’t do you much good but they will give you an idea of what international schools are about.

Good luck!


By the way, this is a great place to get reviews of the international job fairs. It’s a tough market out there!

internationalschoolsreview.c … x09-10.htm