International Shipper U.S. to Taiwan?

Can someone please recommend some inexpensive international shippers that I can use for my move frrom u.s. to Taiwan.
I have about 220 cubic feet, not that much. I don’t mind waiting 6 weeks or for delivery by boat. Thankyou in advance.

I’m not sure how their rates compare, but I have met with this gentleman recently and found him very easy to talk with about options for shipping etc. Leo speaks English, and they have other English-speaking staff on the team. They are set up for bringing goods in and out of the country, and do a lot of work for Taipei American School staff, relocating, etc.

Leo Hsiao, Sales Manager
Transworld Transportation Co Ltd (Intl Freight Forwarder)
10F-3 No. 130, Sec 2 Chung Shiao East Road, Taipei
Tel (02)2356-7282, Ext 100
Cellphone: 0910-018-327

Allied Pickford
KC Dat

thankyou all for your help with shippers, I will contact them both,
do you know the email or number to allied pickford. thankyou all.