International Shipping Still Blocked?

Hey, I was wondering if international shipments are still blocked here. (No surprise if they are.). I don’t keep up with the COVID news too much, just expect everything to just get more insane (except for here in TW). I ordered something on eBay from the UK on, like, the day TW blocked southeast Asian shipments, as I saw that as a signal of bad tidings for any int’l shipping, hoping my package would get shipped just in time. But it still hasn’t arrived and that was a lonnng time ago. The seller hasn’t answered my query, but I did just send another message to him/her.

Takes longer than usual, but things are getting through. Some countries are still blocked. But US, Canada and UK should be ok.

International shipments are not blocked and I’m 99% sure they never have been. Chunghwa POST have a list of countries they don’t ship to, but you can always use other services like DHL.

Last week I placed a order on iherb (US) late Wednesday, it was delivered Saturday.


I think things are just taking longer than usual. I ordered something from Sweden that was sent a little over 4 weeks ago (regular mail), and it still hasn’t arrived. (Usually takes 10-14 days or something.)

Then you should’ve listened to the 1%. They were blocked. My cousin’s package from Australia was returned with a note indicating just that.


I’ve bought a few things off Amazon and directly from some websites in the past 2 months. 4 of 5 arrived without incident - 2 were earlier than expected, and I still don’t know why that 1 was returned (I wrote Amazon to ask for guidance and they wrote back that they are not providing customer service via email)

International mail is not coming through or going out, airfreight and other shipping runs but will likely take longer and will be more expensive.
EMS (post office) parcels go but probably not to all countries.

DHL works. Takes a week though.

Thanks for all of the replies. Glad to hear they are not blocked. :grinning:

Chungwa Post is not sending outbound POST to certain countries. But inbound is coming through fine. Nothing is blocked.

From UK Royal Mail Website still ongoing

New update!

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Since many Countrie’s stuff gets send via the Frankfurt transport link to Taiwan you can check on the german DHL website:
Just scroll down until you see “Asien” and open that menu. Then scroll down until Taiwan.

I’m waiting for something from Australia. Do you say it’s blocked?

As of a few weeks ago. Don’t know if it’s an Aussie issue or Taiwanese issue.


Thanks for your reply. Really glad to hear that about inbound.

Shipped 3 boxes of masks to the USA on Tuesday of this week. Got confirmation they have already cleared customs in San Francisco and are on their way to be delivered. Amazed at how fast they got there from here! 5 days! Standard airmail through Taiwan Post. Total cost was only $700 NT

Did you apply for an export license?

EMS took 4 days delivered to Seattle, 700 NT$ too.

I sent FedEx from Taipei to LA about a week ago, it arrived within 48 hours I think. Contact lenses that my optometrist ordered from abroad took a long time to arrive, almost a month I think. He said it was very unusual and because of the pandemic.