International Space Station

This app is good to watch live video.
You can set up notifications for special events like now. Currently they are trying to dock a Soyuz capsule with the station.




Can I insert a "space " joke?


Whats the favourite snack on Mars?

Earth Bar :joy:


Milky Way?

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If martians are more advanced they probably stopped eating sugar.

Astronauts aren’t known for being down-to-earth.

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A friend with benefits girl just asked me if I thought man would ever land on Mars. I told her why not they’ve already landed on Uranus.

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Visible over Taiwan next week.

At naked eye?

Yes can see the ISS with naked eye at night. It’s hard to even see the stars in the city like Taipei, but if sky conditions are clear then no problem.

You can find the track and look for it at exact moment and follow it across the sky for the few minutes that it passes over.

Looks like a bright star, because of the sunlight reflection, moving quickly across the sky.

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see the USA hurricane Dorian right now from space

Oh well. The thread prompted me to look for the ISS using the iOS Skyview map - and the ISS is currently pretty much directly on the other side of the planet. (I know, it’ll come around pretty quickly.)

I don’t remember having seen the ISS from Taipei, but I’ve never looked either; I’ve often seen it on clear nights in Vancouver, where there’s probably about as much light pollution, but not as much air pollution, as there is here.

On the other hand, the app did reveal that the bright object next to the moon tonight is Jupiter, so that’s cool.

I use these free apps to track planets and stars.


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I’ve got SkyView, PUniverse (Pocket Universe?), and Sky Live on my phone. I think SkyView is the one I used to use the most? Unfortunately I’ve had very few occasions to use them in recent years! I need to get back in the habit of actually looking at the few stars/planets we can see here, especially on nights when we’ve got a relatively good view.

I rarely use them in Taiwan but it’s nice to have them on those rare opportunities when the stars align and the sky is clear when away from the city lights and no pollution.

Viewable in Taiwan

Too bad the sky is not clear right now.

I saw it! So surprised that I did a screenshot instead of taking a picture.

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That was Thunderbird 1 :yum:

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