International Travel Insurance

I’ve tried searching on this site for information about this subject but no luck.
We bought a return air ticket for travel between Taipei and Australia direct from Singapore Airlines. It was a good deal but the drawback is that we cannot make any changes to our flight dates. I would like to buy a travel insurance policy that would cover me if I was unable to travel because of certified sickness etc. Has anyone had any experience of buying this type of insurance coverage in Taipei? Singapore Airlines don’t sell insurance and of course we don’t have a travel agent.
I’d appreciate any advive.

At the airport … across from the check-in counters near the entrance are booths from insurance companies, I believe they open around 6:00AM … you can buy according to the time you spend overseas.
ING was one company I bought from each time I went to China …

[quote=“Belgian Pie”]At the airport … across from the check-in counters near the entrance are booths from insurance companies, I believe they open around 6:00AM … you can buy according to the time you spend overseas.
ING was one company I bought from each time I went to China …[/quote]

Presumably this won’t help because sol wants insurance in case he’s too sick to travel - in which case it would be “pre-existing” if he made it as far as the airport. Or perhaps you meant he should go there in advance just to get the insurance?

Sol - did you buy your tickets on credit card? Some CC’s have this basic level of insurance included. Otherwise I’ve got nothing much useful to add. I once got a TW friend to ring up an insurance company and they sent a rep around (ING I think) and I bought the insurance off her. I got worried that “different rules” might apply to foreigners when it comes to claim time - but she insisted they wouldn’t and I chanced it. You say “we” - presumably you will need to insure all travellers and ensure that they’ll cover the cost of re-booking if any one of your party can’t travel. I can well imagine it might be a complication if any of you are not resident here.

Finally you say that you cannot make any changes to the flight dates. Probably you’ve checked the fare rules - but in case you haven’t, even with discount tickets you can sometimes make a change for a fee. On that basis it might be worth chancing it.

I believe unused tickets can be returned … with deduction of an administration fee …

What he wants is a cancelation insurance … not travel insurance

Thanks Belgian Pie and London-Boy for your suggestions. We did buy the tickets with a local credit card so I’ll check to see if they provide some sort of coverage in the event of being unable to travel. If I don’t have any luck with that I look at the other options you both kindly suggested.
I’m probably worrying unnecessarily but we have a one year old and they can be a little unpredicatable.
Thank you once again.

Try the guy who runs it is Neil Raymond, a personal friend in HK. If anyone can help you with insurance questions he is your man. I’d post his number but its cheaper to get him by email through the site.

And obviously check with Neil that the policy is good for a non-HK resident. Some policies have as a condition (or are written on the basis) that you are resident in a certain country (eg where its sold) because that is the country for which they have assessed the risks.

I have been planning a family trip to Europe for 4 months. We are now 2 weeks away from take off and I have just learned from my brother that our father is not likely to survive the month. He has complications from number of chronic health problems. The latest test was this morning and his doctors confirmed that his heart is failing. He has days or weeks to go, but they cannot be sure how long. I am now planning to redirect my family visit him instead.

My question concerns my original travel plans. I used a US website to book my Taiwan-to-Europe fare, and purchased Tripmate travel insurance. I normally do not buy travel insurance, but this was a complicated trip involving several modes of transportation and lots of one-way travel over 20 days (it was going to be awesome), so I chose to get the travel insurance since we couldn’t afford to be stranded anywhere along the way. Now it seems I will invoke the Trip Cancellation provisions instead of the Trip Interruption situations I had in mind.

This is my policy on the Tripmate website:

I am particularly concerned about these parts:





I am a US Citizen living in Taiwan, and I purchased my ticket online from Taiwan with a Taiwan credit card. My terminally-ill father does not live in the US. My questions:

  • will I be able to claim the maximum benefit and recover my full airfare because of the pending passing of my dad?
  • will there be any problems since my father no longer lives in the US?

I spoke to the website where I bought the plane ticket. Out of the $4,000 for the travel to and from Europe (not including all of the travel and hotels in-between), I can expect to recover $1,600. Scrolling down the email from the original ticket, I was reminded that I bought the Tripmate insurance, so I reviewed the policy (which I posted above).

Any suggestions or experiences you can share would be appreciated. For now, I need to book a new ticket to see my dad.

  1. Usually it would require death to have happened, the prospect of death may not be reason enough for an insurance policy to pay for cancelation costs.

  2. You have stated your father no longer lives in the US, so I assume he was and still is a US citizen? Generally speaking he may abide in one state or country without surrendering his legal residence in another.

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Thank you. I do not know if he retains residency in the US. He has been away for over 20 years and I do not think he has voted in all that time (but he does maintain his taxes obligations)

Looking over the policy, it seems I would only be trying to recover the “non-refundable” part of the ticket - that is, the 2,400 out of 4,000. The 1,600 would be credited back to me in no more than 2 (30-day) cycles, usually done within a couple weeks.

I did a search for international travel insurance. We are flying on EVA and they said if you get covid you just show proof of positive and they will change flight no cost. However would like to get travel insurance to cover other things. Any suggestions more recent than what has been given?