Internationalization - Taiwan Style!

Check out this link to CNN! I guess Taiwan really IS serious about internationalization! :smiley:

All your garbage are belong to us!

Sandman… your comment is the funniest post I have read in awhile… either that or I have a really warped sense of humor.

Which raises the rather smelly question of whether garbage means English or English means garbage.

Yes, but they’re dropping the classical music. Hmm. English at the expense of culture…

What a hoot! I’d love to know who they hired to do it. What a great thing to put on your resume!

I saw a story about this on the local news last night. You know who came up with the idea? The [Tainan] mayor’s wife.

As an example of what the trucks could broadcast in English, she said, “May I help you? May I help you? May I help you?”


Well Cranky, I’ve spent time in Tainan, and I suppose “may I help you?” can’t be any worse than “Harrrrrro, harrrrrro, I ruuuuuuuve 'ooooo!”

Sheesh, you should feel sorry for the mayor of Tainan – that’s a big concession to make just for a hummer off the wife!

“Sure darling, that’s a simply wonderful idea… I’ll be sure to put it to the council … now… just a little lower … that’s right … aaaaahhhhhhh!”

What the story failed to report is that they’ll also be running night classes down at the dump for those who miss the truck.

I wonder if they have a strict policy of only using North American garbage trucks?

Whatsamatter? You got a problem with Eurotrash? :smiley:

Tainan has decided not to use the standardized blue trash bags like Taipei. Instead, the Mayor will be instituting a graded series of weekly English language quizzes, which may be picked up at convenience stores and fast food outlets throughout the city. A completed quiz (one for each day of the week) must be taped on the side of one’s rubbish bag each evening. Only those with passing grades may have their rubbish thrown in the truck.

Well, the elections are coming up . . . . . which of the candidates is more in favor of internationalization anyway? I can’t seem to figure it out. Maybe someone can provide some coherent analysis for the benefit of the reading public.