Internet access in cafe's & coffee shops?

With the nice weather returning - I want to be able to sit outside a coffee shop and do my work from there…(wouldnt we all!?)

Does anyone know which coffee shops have wireless internet facilities for customers? I have heard that a few branches of McDonalds do this and Kohikan too… but can anyone shed any more light on this?

Incidentally, I live in Nei-Hu, in the thick of all the tech companies - this should be quite a ‘wired’ place right?

Lavazza right in the heart of the NeiHu Tech companies has wireless internet and Outdoor seating in the back. Very very quiet on the weekends and try their beef and tomato rice dish, quite nice. We all know that Lavazza also has the best Latte in Taipei! Not sure the price however. I read most in Taipei are about NT$1 per minute. Might be cheaper if you buy a bigger plan. Enjoy!

Taipei has a great selection of wireless cafes. My personal favorites are listed below: :smiley:

Cozy Cafe (Yung-Kang Street, Lane 33, No. 23)
(02) 27411170, near (behind) Shi-Da
Homly with wood floors, generous seating, lots of outlets and a great mini outdoor garden in the back. The connection is fast and is charged on a per stay basis (I believe, its quite cheap). Cold lattes and alcohol-based coffees are a great bet as well as handmade cookies. Note that the place is packed solid on Sunday afternoons so get there early for a good seat.

4am Cafe (Kuang-Fu S. Rd, Lane 308, No. 38)
(02) 23974754, near Sun-Yat Sen Memorial Hall MRT Station
Featured in recent Nokia mobile commercials, 4am features floor-to-ceiling windows, comfortable seating, and lots of retro cum modern design elements (white motif). There are two couches in the back for lounging, a generous selection of imported design-centric magazines and even an iPOD for CD sampling. Oh, and its open till 4AM!

Just a few off the top of my (admitedly undersized and alcohol soaked)brain.

Malibu west
Carnegies (I’m there now)
The Pig
Citizen Cain
The Tavern

Please go to for locations and restaurant reviews :slight_smile:


All of this month until April 30, wireless broadband at all Dante coffeeshops is free. Now, watch, I won’t be able to get a seat. :wink: offers a prepaid card you can buy for NT300 that is good for a month (i.e. you don’t pay per minute or per log-on). I got one at my local IS Coffee, and they’re probably at all IS Coffee locations. Each card gives you a username and password so you can logon to free-up’s network.

Don’t know where there are IS Coffees with outdoor seating, though.

There’s a link already in this forum on this subject:

[Taiwan 802.11b Wireless Internet Access Point List

I walked by my neighborhood (Yanji Rd@Zhongxiao E Rd Sec. 4) Lavazza yesterday and noticed that it, too, is using Free-Up WLAN.