Internet access

Where do people generally go for public internet access in Taipei? Are libraries convenient? Any popular cafes? Please help! I’m staying in a hostel near Taipei main station and we’re all sharing one computer.

I ran a search but could only find entries on specific locations.

People go to internet cafes.
They are cheap and convienent.

Instructions for finding one:
1.Go downstairs.
2.Look left, look right.
3.You should see one. They are EVERYWHERE.

Across the street from the mainstation (on Zhongxiao E. Rd), there is a building with a big neon “NOVA” sign on it – you can’t miss it. I forget exactly which floor but it’s either on the second or third floor – there, you will find a bunch of PC’s set up for the public to use. It’s not exactly a spot where you can sit down, have a coffee, and chill out – but its free for all to use… and yes, there are lines sometimes… so best bet would be to do what Josefus says – find a cafe.

If it’s public internet access that you are looking for (as in wifi hotspots, etc), read this article or go here:

been a couple of years since i first dealt with this
in the city, and i seldom go back.
Josefus is almost overstated, to use
Zerosum’s directions;
Cross the street (Zhongxiao E. Rd.)after you clear
the south MRT, bus entrance/exit, (careful)
then turn right, pass the department store, second block
turn left. lots of food stalls, but look in door openings
for posters for japanese computer games ( read: cartoon
drawings of scantily attired young women ).
they’ll say 3F, 4F.
take stairs or elevator. cheap and if you get lucky
the counter person knows some english and might give
you advice.
being born lucky i found one that made good coffee.
never ate instant noodles.