Internet cafes

Hi, I’m a newbie in Taipei and was wondering if anyone could recommend a ‘quiet’ internet cafe…maybe one with private booths where you aren’t surrounded by people playing online games at 200 decibels (which is where I am now!) Checked out a couple mentioned online but they seem to have gone out of business (eg Do More cafe on Nanjing W Rd.) Thanks for your help!

Can’t help you in regards to Taipei as I am in Hualien but have had the same problem in the past ( which gave my getting a new computer a high priority!). The solution I found was that many of the Internet Cafe’s have what they call a “business room” or “private office”. It is private, you can close the door for sound reduction and the upside is that they usually have equipment such as scanners, printer, and useable A and D drives as well. You pay a little more for this useage but I found it was worth it for the quiet alone! Be advised though that at times you may have to book a room or prepay the entire time you want to use it (eg. two hours) and not be able to extend that time as others may be waiting.

Can’t tell you how relieved I was to find a computer of my own!

There is a real quiet one on Linsen N Rd. and Nanjing W. Rd. Forget the name though, it’s on top of McDonalds…

I don’t think it is there anymore as I walked by there many times…

But try ShiShen & NanJing Road, close to the bridge. and it is on top of Curry House, next to KTV…
pretty quite and cheap, $100 for 3/5 hours…

You call that cheap?! Sheesh, everything in Taipei is overpriced. The standard going rate in the rest of Taiwan is 15/20 NT an hour, with some places offering 3/4 hours for 50 NT.

Well, it is Taipei so what do you expect right??
I know there are some in Taipei County that have price of $20 - $30 NT a hour but I am just too lazy to take the MRT or bus there…

But Jlowry can def. try it out!

Wow, yeah, I didn’t think of that…haven’t been there for a while…

There is one by Guting MRT Station. It’s next to Statbucks, at the second floor, called “Comics King”. You can read or just surf the net. Everyone will have a private booth. It’s quiet and clean. You won’t go out with the smell of smoke all over you. They provide free drink too. Somehow it’s expensive, it’s $75/hr, member: $70/hr.

Last time I used an internet cafe was in Goaxiong about two years ago. The cost was 45NT$ an hour. Looks like a lot of internet cafes are closing down. Taiwan is becoming more like Japan everyday (well, except for the clean part).

For every internet cafe that closes down, another opens up the next day. That’s the way it is for all businesses in Taiwan.

Cool, thanks for the advice. I’ll check out the ones mentioned…and start saving up for my own computer…

yes, it is very expensive, what do they serve as their drink?? Something special?? Margarita??

nah a coca cola that tastes funny… i found that basically in taipei you pay 30-40 nt an hour for noisy places… 60-75 nt for places that provide free drinks/comics and quiter atmosphere… i think i even saw an add for the american pie e cafe on this site… its like 2 hours for 5 0 i think and its quiet… the owner is a nice guy tommy who speaks good english

yes, it is very expensive, what do they serve as their drink?? Something special?? Margarita??[/quote]

Nope. The serve coffee and tea… if you order hot drinks, they would give you a pot of it which is not bad, i think.

Check out Aztec in the Shimen Ding area. They have a noisy area and a not so noisy booth area. I go there to play on-line games with friends. It is also super cheap if you buy 4 hours- $100 (otherwise it’s 50NT/hour). The place is big and is near the Shi men MRT Station. It’s right across from TGIF (look for blue Aztec sign- 5th floor of the building).

Anyone want to buy a desktop?

hello in Taiwan what’s some good place to go online? internet cafe? libraries? hotels? I assume libraries are free and internet cafe must be crowded and there are all gamers…well any input would be appreciated thanks

The internet cafes have too much smoke and are usually quite crowded in the evenings. Sometimes you can find one that’s $25/hr, but usually they run $40 an hour, including free drinks. The most expensive one I have found was on Roosevelt Road in Taipei, at $70/hr. It offers private booths, is not often too crowded, isn’t very smoky, and they bring the drinks to your booth. It also offers Chinese magazines to read if you need to wait for a computer.

He neglected to mention what city he resides in. In Taipei, 40NT an hour. In most of the rest of Taiwan, 15-20NT per hour.

I am in Kaohsiung…
how about libraries…they got free internet access?

If you’re a student, the university libraries will let you surf for free. I’ve never been to the Kaohsiung public library, so I don’t know about that. The Tainan public library (which is practically useless to foreigners, as it has virtually no English language books or periodicals) has about 3 or 4 computers…I’d expect the one in Kaohsiung to be the same (i.e., a handful of computers always occupied by other patrons - not worth the bother).

Just go ahead and blow your .50 cents in a cafe. Ask for the non-smoking area and you’ll get a quiet room, if they have one of them. I mean, it’s only half a buck.