Internet connection: how to speed up 64k upload speed

I am getting some help for funding for some lobbying activities, and having some new software and hardware installed. However, I am informed that my current Hinet ADSL service of 512k (download speed) and 64k (upload speed) is too slow for this new software and hardware.

The 512k is fine, but ideally I need 128k minimum for upload speed.

I called Hinet today and spoke to them for some time, but it seems that there is no way I can get my current ADSL service “slightly upgraded” to achieve what I want . . . . . and to go to the next higher class of service 512k/512k is a lot more money per month than I am paying now . . . . .

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I might get around this? It appears that the ADSL contract I signed with Hinet in February 2002 runs until February 2004 minimum . . . . . . so it might be a good idea to say with Chunghwa . . . . . . .

Any suggestions would be appreciated as to how I can achieve higher upload speeds.

Did they mention whether there is a special deal on the 1536/384 package ? I am on 1536/64 (no good to you) but it is cheap enough to make me think that step up would not be astronomical. (Symmetrical DSL is for some reason very expensive)

By the way, I have a copy of Adobe Acrobat 5.0 (for making pdf files) that I can let you have. Are you coming on Thursday ?

Interesting, my Chung Hwa 512/64 two-year contract always included the ability to upgrade to the fast ADSL. Hummm. If you are concerned about the cost, then I guess your only option is to petition Chung Hwa for an economic solution to solve your problem. From my understanding ADSL is ADSL. I don’t know of any way to hack what you have to get the specifications you desire.

Otherwise, check to see if Taiwan Fixed Network (TFN) is offering ADSL in your area. They are a competitor to Chung Hwa for ADSL service (and I think) infrastructure.


Believe me or not, near to my 2 year contract expiration, I was upgraded to 1.5M/64k for free, my wife got a call from CHT, and they did everything remotely…

Richard, you can ask CHT, if this offer is still available, otherwise
your only choice is pay the upgrade to 1.5M/64k which actually is 1.6M/128k and it worth for what you pay (just a minimum monthly increase)

Hexuan: you can check your speed using the following URL and pls feedback if you can also see that the upload speed can burst over 128k :sunglasses:

Open your PPPoE client window to check the speed before to access this:

Make sure you don’t set any proxy on your browser


May I ask why your 512/64 connection is “too slow” for your software/hardware? Are you trying to do video conferencing or running a web server?

I am surprised they will not let you upgrade. You could also cancel your agreement with Hinet, you’ll be charged for it, but you could either go with another company or resubscribe with Hinet at a faster speed.

I think Hartzell is saying that they can’t provide the configuration that he wants, but can provide other configurations. ie Can’t do 512/256 but they can do 1.5/384 or 512/512.

I’ve had no problems switching fixed to dynamic, 1.5 to 512 or anything else (small fee each time). I think I’m at 4 times now?

While I know this doesn’t answer the original query I’ll share my current experience.

Today I had my adsl service with Hinet upgraded to 1.5/384 from 512/64. Though my bandwidth tests show an appreciable difference in speed of 1m/128k, real world usage shows little change. Of course there are few web sites hosted in Taiwan that are of any interest to me so that may be a partial factor. In Taiwan I mostly use ftp and afp but the speeds are virtually identical to those that I achieve in the US sites I access.

I think the speed is fine but not really as good as I had hoped. I remember what it was like having a 1.5m connection (I think that was a T1) in Canada 7 years ago and it was markedly faster than this. I long for those days as I have never had access like it since coming to Taiwan. Which is strange to me since I had lived in such a technological black hole in Canada as compared to Hsinchu.

Anyway the one strange thing I find is that I applied for a fixed IP. I thought that that meant no more adsl dial up and I could finally enter the era of always on networking in Taiwan. Not so. You must still utillise the damned PPoE. And it’s damn expensive too!

What I wonder is if keep my adsl always on, do I get charged for utilising the phone line?

I take back the speed is fine comment. Upload speed is still a complete joke - even within Taiwan. Grossly inadequate for what I needed it for. I wish there was a better service.

Well it says 1004 down and 123 up, but gives my upload bandwidth at around 50-60 (and down at never more than 1300). Enternet was giving bursts of 1.7mbps down and 135kbps up, but I don’t know how meaningful that is.

great hexuan! that’s very close to what I get :slight_smile:


Hmm… dsl reports only gave me 333/51

With the 1.5mps line, even when it’s slow it’s still fast enough for me. It’s not ideal though, with relatively poor latency, and frequent stalls on web pages (Hinet’s DNS I think), but I was used to paying the same money in the UK for 56k dial-up…