Internet in Taiwan

I’m wondering what the current situation is with Internet in Taiwan. For example, using dial-up, in Taiwan you have to pay for each telephone call you make from your home (at least when I was there last). So if you are connected to the internet through your phone line you are paying through your *ss.
So, how convenient/economical is it to get like ADSL or Cable internet in Taiwan. I plan to be living in Taichung (Taizhong). If this has been posted before, I’m sorry.

You can arrange cable internet service through the cable TV company in Taichung. There’s a setup cost - less than 1000NT I think - as they need to install a wire into your apartment, set up the cable modem and check it’s working OK with your computer. Then there are various differently priced services. I have the slowest- and cheapest- at 300NT a month. It’s fine for my needs - always on and fast enough for internet radio and general web surfing. It occasionally slows down or stops for a few minutes at peak times but that’s not a serious nuisance. Probably if you paid for a faster service you wouldn’t get that problem at all.

It’s very hard to give you a straight answer as they seem to change the prices every ten seconds or so, based on your current plan, your age, status, whether you’re a left handed lesbian albino - it’s insane.

As of a year ago I paid 2000 NT setup, +600 a month, plus usage to a max of 1000 a month for Chunghua DSL. It’s cheaper now, but how much cheaper is a good question.

Cable sounds like a better deal, especially if you want cable tv. I have heard bad stories about service but Changhua is hardly the best either.

Dial up is very foolish. Just don’t.

Local calls (ie dial-up) are charged per minute passed a certain minimum (five minutes? And, then NT$0.5 per two minutes thereafter; anyone know what it is nowadays?). Also, when it rains connection speeds can come to a crawl.

Rain can slow down a broadband connection too, but you’ve got a lot farther down to go before it gets untenable.

Been on broadband for four or five years now and wouldn’t consider anything else. Dial-up just is not worth the aggravation…

Before you sign up take a quick poll of the current offers available. SoNet and HiNet have new deals literally every week. And, yes, if you’re a disabled mulatto Ukranian Jew, there’s a good chance there’s provider peddling a deal designed just for you…