? internet near taipei main station?

i need IE 6.0 to check my gmail and the place i’m at now (YMCA) doesn’t have it. :frowning:

any help?? ps…if anyone is bored and wants to do something, i’m game…really…AIM me at ichspieletennis

You’ve just arrived right?Happy Hour tonight!!


haha–i can’t AIM either, becase it needs 5.5 or higher.

any help???

There is a PC at the Taipei Sports Bar, where the HH is I believe.

Maybe, go to the microsoft site and do the YMCA a favor by downloading IE6 :smiling_imp:

i thought about doing that but …i dont want to get yelled at on my first day here. i was already yelled at in hong kong for taking a shopping basket into the wrong store…meh. :+)

i’m thinking strongly about going to TSB. will you be there tonite? who usually makes an appearance?

Yes I’ll be there…no idea who else will be, but will be a bunch I’d say.

Go to NOVA Computer Market (opposite Xin Guang San Yue). On the second floor there are some machines you can use for free.

You might see me there. I am on holiday in Taipei at the moment so I go there to check my e-mails.

There are several internet cafes on Nanyang Street (“Buxiban Street”). I think one of them is run by an American. None of them is located on the ground floor, so you have to look in the doorways to see what is upstairs. There is also at least one on Chengde Road Section 1 - west side of the road, north of the “official” bus station. It is in the basement and it’s called “tomato”, “strawberry” or something.

I’ll edit this thread when I have more accurate information.

There are quite a few Internet cafes in the building where GEOS is on Nanyang St. I believe each floor, from 1-6, is one. Take your pick :slight_smile:
I think the address is 8 Nanyang St, which is very close to the YMCA.

Correction to my earlier post. I should have said the third floor of the NOVA building. I was thinking of English terminology earlier, my apologies… :blush: