Internet policies

Looking at the home papers and saw this article - reminded me of some of the recent post where some of you naughties were admitting giving in to their Forumosa addiction while at work.

Wondering how many of us know what our company policy is on internet usage - and what we think of it…

‘Millions being squandered’ by employee internet abuse

HUNDREDS of thousands of euro are being wasted every day by workers abusing email and internet access.

And most pornography - 70pc - is downloaded during business hours - between 9am and 5pm.

The Small Firms Association (SFA) has warned employees they are losing money with every personal email sent or non work-related website accessed by workers.

And the association has also warned internet and email abuse could land the company in court for libel actions, breaches of copyright legislation, inadvertent entry into binding contracts and even sexual harassment and bullying claims.

Yet the majority of small companies do not have anti-abuse policies in place to stop this misuse.

SFA assistant director, Patricia Callan said if every worker wasted just 10 minutes a day on the internet, it would cost Irish businesses up to

Pst, don’t tell my boss. That way he will be punished instead of me if I would download something from Kazaa. Not that I ever do this. :wink: