Interning in Taipei

Does anyone know of a website or two relevant to finding internship opportunities in Taipei? My school in the U.S. has some crazy connections with various locations in China but not so much in Taiwan. I know that for many undergrads in the U.S., often the most successful method is just finding a company you’re interested in and writing their PR department expressing your interest and maybe including a resume, etc., however, my Chinese is not yet good enough to call up and speak to a corporate office based in Taiwan.

I’d really like an excuse to come back next summer (and possibly make some money at the same time).

Worse comes to worse, maybe a forumosan can write me a letter and I’ll apply for a work visa to come here as a bartender or part time chef… :idunno:

I found out recently that a lot of Taiwanese companies have American counterparts in the Silicon Valley. I don’t know how you would find that… Or you can look into the big companies that are almost certain to hire interns. Good luck, internships are hard to come by. What industry are you interested in working with?

Management consulting.

My major is Strategic Management and Chinese Studies.