Internship in an hotel

I am interested in doing an internship in an hotel or in the hospitality business.

My Chinese is already on an advanced level, means i can speak fluently, read and write. However I will be studying at Shida for the next term.
I have no related experience but want to study and or work in that field after finishing my language studies, so I want to give it a try and see if I really like it.

Now my questions are, is it ok to do an internship on a student visa? (I will ask this question tomorrow at Shida)

How would I go with the application process?

Write emails, go from door to door, resume in English and Chinese, perhaps a cover letter expressing my wish to find out if this field of work suits me.?

Should I rather try to apply at a big hotel like the shangrila or some small chain stores. What would be a typical amount of time to do an internship?

Any suggestions, advices or ideas are highly appreciated.

  1. Linkedin
  2. Cold calling/emailing
  3. Networking

It is actually pretty similar to what it is like back home. Definitely try big hotels, you’d have more luck with them. Both Shagrila and W have westerners work there, I imagine they would be more open minded about hiring a foreign intern.

[quote]Now my questions are, is it ok to do an internship on a student visa? (I will ask this question tomorrow at Shi-Da)


[quote=“greves”][quote]Now my questions are, is it ok to do an internship on a student visa? (I will ask this question tomorrow at Shi-Da)


If you are getting and advanced degree, it’s absolutely possible. I study at Taiwan Tech and it’s required to do an internship. I have hired a few of my classmates for an internship and they had no problem getting a work permit…

I am not a degree student here, just a language student. I think it is almost impossible to do it on that student visa.

I got a employment chance before on a tourist visa. I didn`t go very far with that job as it involved customer relations and they were not able to give me a working visa.

I could get a working holiday visa which would be great for doing internships but it is inconvenient to get because I would have to go back to my home country for the application process.

I still consider sending away some applications to know about the responses.

My degree is similar and I have many friends who are in your position.
Think of every hotel chain you can in Taiwan and email human resources. Don’t worry about whether it’s appropriate or not the worst they can do is not reply.
A lot of the huge chains have hotel management programs which require a person to speak two languages. The Hilton has a elevator scheme but I think it’s Europe focused. Either way human resources or training will be aware of the right option, and being Taiwan they will probably go out of their way to put you in contact with the relevant person.

Now, should I mention in the cover letter that I am planning to get a working holiday visa and that my application is for after I got it. I think if I get 3 or 4 internships between 1 and 3 months each it would well be worth going back to europe and making that visa. Because my student visa says pretty clear禁止非法工作, I feel I shouldn`t even think about that.