Into the Blue, starring Jessica Alba

Rented Into the Blue the other night - talk about eye candy! :astonished: I think they should make sequels with shots of Jessica Alba swimming underwater for the whole movie. Into the blue doesn’t have much of a plot, but that’s ok. Paul Walker is also in the movie - I guess he’s pretty good-looking too if your tastes go that way. Jessica Alba is perfection, though. She should be in more movies. :lovestruck:

A long time ago I was a production assistant guarding a stage door (bored out of my mind) on a show called “The Fearing Mind” when a sweet young girl walked over from a neighboring soundstage and chatted with me for about 15 minutes. We talked about things like living in Vancouver, being a PA, what I did in my spare time, etc. She was really nice.

Then the 3rd AD came and called her to hair and makeup. “Gotta get back to work.” She said-and I said something like: “It must suck dealing with those primadonna stars sometimes, eh?” She smiled. “See you later.”

I never did and “Dark Angel” was a moderate hit as I remember.

The Teamsters hated her. They told stories about how she bossed them around rudely, changed her clothes in the van on the way to whatever club she was going to, and generally acted like a spoiled little movie star.

[quote=“Maoman”]Jessica Alba is perfection, though. She should be in more movies. :lovestruck:


You gotta be kidding! :astonished:

Way too fat, blond hair, double eyelids, no nipple padding in her swimsuit. Blechhh. :raspberry: