Intro to Chinese Group

Do you want to improve your quality of life?
Are you curious what people around you are saying?
Do you have a few hours to spare a week?
Please come share them with us, developing a skill that will change your life forever!

Our Mandarin group will start up on January 1 22.
Please call to reserve your seat today!
Kiwi English teachers (full-time and part-time)

07 343 6338
911 HuaXia Rd
Every Friday from 10 am - noon

special classes are also available for arrangement as per request

That’s a talking kiwi fruit, right? Does it speak Chinese? I think you should lose the chick.

Not in Taiwan: just posting to say the talking fruit rocks. :notworthy:

There is another Chinese learning page I want to introduce.
This page: Business Chinese Learning on Facebook. … nref=story
It shares a lot of useful Chinese learning post every day.

We are opening new classes and also offering private tutoring services as well.