Introductions section?

Is there an introduction thread somewhere? If so, sorry,
I couldn’t find it.

If not, it might be nice if there was a place for new people
like myself could introduce themselves.

Just a thought.

This spot is as good as any other. I think.

I would posit the opposite. What better way to introduce oneself than thru posting?
Some sites have those introductory threads, yet who reads them? Pretty much becomes a receptacle for those who post only once or twice.
That’s of course just been my own personal experience/opinion.

Right. Most people are not interested in who your are, or at least not until you’ve had something to say. Why would anyone read a post saying “hi, I’m XXX and I like macrame.”
Introduce yourself if you wish to, but do it in the form of a post --either replying to someone else’s post or starting a thread of your own. About a topic, though, not about the fact that you’ve posted.

I think it prudent to have a new user introductions thread stickied somewhere since a lot of users who just jump into the fray happen to get off on the wrong foot. This way there could at least be one definitively neutral place where someone can get started.

Myself and @Rocket would be happy to run a boot camp for the freshers.



You say that like there’s a right foot


I think @Gain would also be good for this.

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@Gain will be our guidance counselor at the boot camp. So any lost souls can get instant positive reinforcement.


Since posting a clip from FMJ would be stupefyingly obvious, and I would hate to horn in on @Dr_Milker and @tommy525’s action in that aegis, here’s a less traveled and vastly superior one any fuckin ways

Doesn’t @hanna149 get a golden shovel award or something?

I’m pretty sure someone managed to dig up a 15 year old thread sometime recently.

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If nothing else, you deserve Special Recognition for posting when you were 2.

I have a 13 year gravedig badge. Not regretting life decisions.

I’d like to introduce myself: I am tommy525 . And according to what i read all my cells are new since this thread started :slight_smile:
Unlike other posters who have come back to life under different aliases, I have remained under tommy525. I did once try a different persona under tommy526, but somehow disguise didn’t quite work…I did that only because tommy525 was temporarily banned (2 week suspension). How the heck the mods knew it was me under the alias of tommy526 remains a mystery to me to this day .


Mea culpa.



Don’t I just rock?

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just for YOU