Invalid ARC?


Working for a US representative office, who are planning to shut up shop for a period of 6~12mths, due to the current economy. I am on an ARC, they are not going to cancel the company registration nor my ARC as they potentially plan to startup again later.

I assume it legally means my ARC is invalid, however they don’t plan to cancel it… and there is 12mths left to run on it… can i safely continue to reside in Taiwan ? until something else comes along or should i run out and inform the authorities… There seems no benefit in telling them until i have found something else?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Taipei Tourist


Can you confirm that you hold a Work Permit via this company’s office in Taiwan, and have an ARC based on that status? I want to be sure that I understand what you are saying.

If you retain the ARC, based on the Work Permit from the local branch of the company that is effectively “downsizing” its operations, how are you planning to support yourself in Taiwan during the next year? What are your plans?


yea, work permit & ARC from them… basically no plans as yet as the whole thing sounds like it will happen kind of suddenly… I am really curious about my options, i want to look for new employment otherwise bail back the the US if i can’t find any, what is a ‘safe’ duration ? or is it best to go straight down to see the authorities… my fear of doing that is them telling me to get on the next plane out of here and not having a chance to look at other options.


Unless the local office is closed, and license cancelled, it seems to me that your ARC is still valid. Am I missing something? Where is the problem?

If you are worried that you have a Work Permit and an ARC, but are not receiving income from the company and not paying taxes, etc. please be aware that the Tax Authorities are not concerned with Work Permits.