Inverting the Y-Axis

Inverting the Y-Axis

  • The ONLY way to get headshots
  • What are you smoking

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It’s the only way I’ve played first person shooters and flight sims since a Y-axis has been available. How about you?

I hate it when pac man goes backwards.

you mean when you pull the mouse down, the cursor moves up right? I find that really strange, but one thing i experimented with was that rather push and release of the mouse to fire, a trigger that would make it so that it was the release of the finger from the mouse that enabled firing. You then have a much better reaction time because its much quicker (and I believe more accurate in this case) to relax a muscle than to flex it.


Then I misunderstood.

I always played my FPS games like that. Cannot do anything else. But I can imagine that it is just a matter of practise, or getting used to.